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Residential Projects.

Demore Residence

Demore Residence

Front View of 6x9 Home Design in Pasadena, CA

Demore Residential

Demore Residential

Overhead View of 6x9 Home Design in Pasadena, CA

  • Laveen Farms Park, Restrooms, and Lake Pump Enclosure

  • 27th Ave & Morton, Phoenix, AZ

  • Orange Grove Subdivision

  • Paradise Enclave Subdivsion

  • Ward Residence Garage, St. Charles, MO

  • 230 E. Pasadena Ave. Phoenix, AZ

  • Ortquist Historic Residence, Encanto District

Site Design/Exterior
  • Woodbury Deck Addtion, Altadena, CA

  • Backyard Remodel, Pasadena, CA

  • Sallen/Davenport Outdoor Living Space, Phoenix AZ

  • Witte Residence, Patio/Backyard, Phoenix AZ

  • Black Residence Site Improvements, Arcadia AZ

  • Over 50 personal projects done for family and friends including personal home renovations. Reach out to us to learn more

New Residential
  • Ottenberg Residence

  • Rossi Residence

  • Scott Bell Residence

  • Schwartz Residence 

  • Hess Residcence

  • Paseo Condos, Outdoor health and BBQ areas

  • Azizi Apartments

  • Jack Apartments

  • ABC Value Housing (2 New Residences and Remodel)

  • DeMore Development Duplexes

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