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About Witte Architecture 

About Us

Witte Architecture is a progressive, and dynamic architectural design firm established in 1997. We are committed to providing excellent design and the highest quality architectural services. We specialize in commercial, food, entertainment, and residential design with a focus on meeting client needs, providing functional structures that are also attractive.

We believe in Architecture not only as space but as art and an extension of our client. We strive to take this philosophy to the highest level and are committed to providing the best architectural and construction services possible. This means we provide plans and follow-through to realize finished projects which reflect the needs and desires of those who will be using the facilities. This includes planning for flexibility, future needs, and careful cost controls to make sure that each new structure provides the most value for our client.

Second, we are committed to making the design process a team effort and a very exciting, creative activity for all of the participants.

Finally, we are committed to providing designs that meet the highest technical requirements for construction. We pride ourselves in providing complete, thorough, and detailed plans which can be followed easily and will result in buildings that are meant to endure the test of time.

Planning Services

Architectural Program Development – owners may understand their general needs and functional requirements, however, we can aid in the validation of those assumptions and expand the understanding of the project's specific requirements.

Planning and site evaluation - determines the suitability of a property as either multi-use or single-use development, along with specific planning to develop the optimum use of a site in regards to building relationships, circulation patterns, parking, etc.

Master Planning - evaluations enabling the development of comprehensive and coordinated plans for the future. Services may consist of Demographics studies, Site Locations and Expansion Evaluations, Existing Facilities Evaluation, and Land Use Planning.

Environmental Compatibility - a systems approach through design and building practices to minimize the impact on the environment and reduce the energy consumption of building. This may include solar energy integration, wind harvesting, grey water systems, the selection of earth friendly or “green” building materials, building orientation, etc.

Code and Zoning Research and Investigation - evaluation and interpretation of the zoning requirements of a site or sites, including historic district zoning, ADA requirements, determination of what zoning changes are required and how they can be accomplished as well as aiding in the community acceptance of those changes.

Feasibility Studies - determining the suitability of a certain site for a specific facility or the evaluation of the adaptability of an existing structure for a new use.

Materials and Systems Research - Investigation into building materials their initial and long term costs as well as thier impact on the environment. This research may include solar energy integration, wind harvesting, grey water systems, the selection of earth friendly or “green” building materials, etc.

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