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Persian Room - Tucson

Area: Tuscon, AZ


After nearly 10 years as one of the most successful restaurants in Phoenix the Persian room decided to expand into the Tucson Market. The Tenant Improvement at its Thorndale location played upon the same high quality design and unique experience as was offered in Phoenix with a more powerful scale. Many of the same details were utilized for the interior design creating an ambiance that is unique, upscale and welcoming to guests providing an excellent option for diners in Tucson wanting to experience the same international adventure as the Phoenix location.

The large glass fountain at the entry greets visitors and sets the tone to begin the adventure. The coffered and vaulted hand painted ceilings give the illusion of dining outdoors while having the comfort of a beautifully appointed interior. The presentation bread oven allows guest to experience the fresh smells and delights that begin the meal setting the stage for the main course.

Surely the Persian Room provides for one of the most unique restaurant experience that can be found in the Tucson area.

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